Having perfect, flawless skin is everyone’s dream, and some are willing to pay hundreds and even thousands of skincare products and treatment. Perhaps you’re reading this and wondering why your skin hasn’t achieved the results that you want, and the problem might be in your diet. Believe it or not, besides the products that you are putting to your face, your nutrients can also affect the way your skin reacts as well, and in this article we have listed several foods that might affect your skin positively, make sure to read this post to find out more about it.


Avocados or also known as ‘nature’s butter,’ is high in healthy fats. Besides healthy fats, which means they are great for the diet, avocados are also high in vitamin E and C, which is a vitamin that protects the skin from oxidative damage. To make things even better they go perfect in almost any food, in your sandwich, smoothie or even just eating it as it is.


If you need a source of vitamin C, then consider eating more broccoli they are full of vitamin C and vitamin A. Besides vitamin C and A they also contain lutein, which can protect your skin from oxidative damage and also prevent your skin from getting dry and wrinkled, a perfect package all in one. The best way to eat broccoli is to steam it and eat it as it is or blend it into soup in case you can’t bear to eat broccoli.

Dark chocolate

Everyone loves sweets, and now you have another reason why you should be eating more sweets. Dark chocolate is proven for your skin hydration, blood circulation, and skin texture, and another best part is that they are high in antioxidants, which means it’s another food that can combat UV radiation. Although it sounds tasty make sure that you eat dark chocolate in moderation and ensure that it has 70% cocoa in the dark chocolate, just to maximize the effect.

greenteaGreen tea

Japanese people love drinking green tea, and this is the reason why. Drinking green tea with no added sugar has been proven to protect your skin from getting damaged or aging, and not to mention they are great for digestion which is perfect if you’re on a diet.

Tip: don’t add milk or any sugar to your green tea, as milk could reduce the beneficial effects of the green tea.