Makeup Mistakes that you Might do

Makeup has been around for the longest time, and usually, they are there to make one’s appearance more appealing or to conceal one’s flaws. On this modern day, it is considered normal to use makeup, be it men or women but at the same time, they might be making some mistakes that they might not realize. Are you one of them? Make sure that you read this article as we discuss on several makeup mistakes that you might do, and hopefully, by reading this article, you can avoid doing it in the future.

beautySleeping with your makeup on

We get it, sometimes you go into a great party, having a great time of your life and you come back home and too tired to even remove or wash your face with your heavy makeup on. But no matter how tired you are you have to remove your makeup and wipe all of that foundation on your face because studies have found that sleeping with your makeup on will hasten the aging process of your face while also increasing the chance of breakouts. If you’re exhausted, make sure to use makeup wipes, they can be bought at a local drugstore and will come in handy when you’re too lazy to clean your face.

Sharing your makeup

There’s a situation where you’re going on a vacation with your friends, and then your friend forgot to bring their mascara, and you happen to have one, so great, why don’t you just lend yours? The answer is a big no; sharing make up is a big no-no. Germs can easily transfer from your makeup to your friend and vice versa, and even if you’re using a different applicator it is advised to never share your make up to anyone else, even family members!

beautyDoing your makeup under a yellow light

Sometimes the specific light will make you look good, and usually, it’s the yellow lights, but it all changed when the bright white lights came. To avoid looking like a clown, make sure that you do your makeup under a bright white light, as it will reveal any mismatch or wrong foundation color.

Not retouching your makeup

Another mistake that you can do is ignoring the necessities to retouching your makeup, especially when you have a long day. Chances are if the day is hot and you have to be outside; there’s a chance your mascara might smudge, so make sure that you use a waterproof/sweatproof makeup and retouch every now and then.